T1: Low-carbon Green Buildings 

T1.1: Solutions for Climate Resilient Buildings (English)

T1.2: Hot Summer and Cold Winter Green Building Alliance Forum (Chinese)

T2: Green Civil Structure and Underground Construction 

T2.1: Green Structure Engineering (Bilingual)

T2.2: Low-carbon Green Geotechnical Engineering (Bilingual)

T3: Indoor Environment Quality and Green Building                                                                         

T3.1: Indoor Environment and Health and Comfort (Bilingual)

T3.2: Healthy Buildings and Air Quality (Bilingual)

T4: Low-carbon Energy Systems and Intelligent Operation 

T4.1: Low-carbon Development for Urban Gas (Bilingual)

T4.2: Smart Technology and Green Operation Management (Bilingual)

T5: Low-carbon Development of Sustainable and Ecological City

T5.1: Sustainable City Development (English)

T5.2: Low-carbon Ecological Development in Western China (Chinese)