The Third International Conference on Building and Environmental Sustainability (SuDBE)

Date: September 25-27, 2007  place: chongqing,China

The 3rd international conference on architecture and environmental sustainable development was held in chongqing from September 25 to 27, 2007, which was attended by experts and scholars from Britain, Denmark, Portugal, Hong Kong and many universities in China, the department of science and technology of the ministry of construction, leaders of chongqing science and technology commission, construction commission and representatives of famous enterprises in the field of architecture. There are over 100 participants, 20 experts and 16 foreign guests.


At the opening ceremony of the conference, Professor Weiguo Zhang,the vice President of chongqing university, Mr. Aixing Han, the deputy director of the department of science and technology of the ministry of construction, and the vice President of the conference, professor Per Heiselberg,the university of aalborg in Denmark expressed congratulations on the successful opening of the conference and addressed the conference respectively. The main content of this conference is about the related issues on the sustainable development of the built environment, including the environment, building energy conservation, water treatment, solid waste treatment, green building and information exchange and education, and these achieved remarkable results. During the conference, it was fortunate to invite professor Per Heiselberg, a professor majoring in architecture technology and structural engineering from aalborg university in Denmark, as a visiting professor of chongqing university. At the same time, Professor Per Heiselberg and Professor Baizhan Li signed an academic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two universities, aiming at comprehensive cooperation in academic research and academic communication. On September 30th, Professor Li Baizhan, the chairman of the conference, held a summary meeting to analyze and summarize the conference; affirmed the results of the conference and pointed out the shortcomings. The international conference on building and environmental sustainability has been a great success.
The conference received more than 160 papers from domestic and foreign scholars, and more than 100 experts and representatives delivered keynote speeches and read the papers. At present, more than 100 papers have been accepted by SCI search journals at home and abroad, and were expected to be published at the end of the year. This conference would serve as a bridge for communication and cooperation for the sustainable development of cities around the world. It would play a positive role in strengthening communication at home and abroad and enhance it between countries in the world of sustainable development.Moreover, it would also have a positive impact on China's ongoing sustainable development strategy.